I have a friend who loves eminem and I don’t understand the logic behind it??? And im being called terrible for not agreeing like sorry you have bad taste in rappers/music in general lmao

I hate my job a lot it’s a proven fact but I think I hate the people I work with even more bc I have a manager who is white and really wishes she was a poc bc she thinks being white is boring and she’s always making some sort of ignorant comment about another race or group of people and like come on really?? should you really be saying the n word or using aave on a regular basis if you’re white?? Tonight she said how much she hates how rude and ignorant “most” black people are and then half assed apologized to my black coworker under her breath and my coworker didn’t even respond to her and then she made another comment about the same coworker’s hair and how ‘it’s perfect for a short person trying to get onto a roller coaster’ when my coworker told her that wasn’t funny and how offensive it was to her, my manager said it was just a joke and she plays too much like what kind of invalid excuse.. I feel bad bc I didn’t do or say anything but for real I wanted to die

idk I can’t wait to get the hell out of there and never step foot in there again